YouTube introduces Shorts links and imposes restrictions on links in other areas of the platform.


YouTube now allows creators to link their Shorts to other videos on their channel, following the removal of links in comments and descriptions.

YouTube has unveiled a new feature that enables creators to link their Shorts videos to other content on their channel.

This update empowers Shorts creators to direct their audience towards long-form content, additional Shorts, livestreams, and more.

Previously, it was possible to include links in Shorts descriptions and comments. Nevertheless, YouTube is discontinuing this feature in an effort to combat spam and scams.

Guidance on Utilizing the Latest Linking Tool

Now, creators have the ability to include a single "related video" link while editing a Short video within YouTube Studio on desktop. This link can direct viewers to any other video within the same YouTube channel.

You'll find the "related video" section conveniently located in the Details tab on the right sidebar of YouTube Studio. Whether it's an existing or a newly created Shorts video, you can easily edit and add this link.

YouTube recommends utilizing this tool to establish connections between Shorts and long-form videos, link multiple Shorts in a series, boost the visibility of livestreams, and explore various promotional opportunities.

Upcoming Metrics to Be Released Soon

YouTube has officially announced that they will introduce analytics for tracking clicks on related videos within Shorts in an upcoming update. This enhancement will enable creators to gauge the performance and effectiveness of the links they incorporate.

This new linking feature is introduced concurrently with YouTube's efforts to combat spam by making links within Shorts descriptions and comments unclickable, starting from August 31st.

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