WhatsApp's 6 Most Valuable Features Introduced in 2023


In brief:

  • You can now operate your primary WhatsApp account on up to four different devices.

  • The new chat lock feature allows you to secure specific chats without locking the entire app.

  • WhatsApp now permits text editing only within the initial 15 minutes after sending the original message.

Meta the parent company of WhatsApp has unveiled a slew of fresh additions to WhatsApp in 2023. But let's steer clear of the features being continuously deployed for WhatsApp Beta. Instead, we're shining a spotlight on the most outstanding features now accessible in the stable WhatsApp version. So, what are these standout features? We've meticulously selected seven of them, and here they are:

1. Use same WhatsApp across Multiple Devices

After a lengthy wait, WhatsApp has finally granted us the capability to utilize the same WhatsApp account on multiple devices. This feature essentially functions in a manner similar to WhatsApp Web. The process is quite straightforward: Suppose you wish to run WhatsApp on a different phone. Simply download WhatsApp on the new device. While you're on the screen prompting you to enter your phone number, tap the three dots in the top-right corner and select "Link to existing account." Following that, scan Scan the QR code from your primary phone, and there you have it!! You can now operate the same WhatsApp account on two smartphones. What's more, you can simultaneously achieve this on up to four different devices, which is undeniably convenient and impressive.

2. Chat lock

The introduction of Chat Lock is another much-awaited feature. Previously, if you wanted to conceal chats, your options were limited to either archiving them or locking the entire WhatsApp application. However, now you have the ability to selectively lock individual WhatsApp chats. To accomplish this, navigate to the profile information screen of the chat contact you wish to lock. Then, scroll down to locate the 'Chat lock' option. On the subsequent screen, activate "Lock this chat with fingerprint," authenticate, and you're all set.

3. Edit Your Shared messages

Just like Telegram, WhatsApp now allows you to edit messages after sending them, providing a way to correct errors or make edits to your messages. To utilize this feature, press and hold the message you want to edit, then choose the 'Edit' option from the menu represented by three dots in the upper-right corner. Make the desired changes to the text and confirm them by selecting the 'tick' option. It's worth noting that you can only edit messages within the initial 15 minutes after sending, and there will be an "edited" tag displayed beneath the edited message.

4. Share Photos in HD Quality

Previously, to share a high-quality photo on WhatsApp, you had to resort to sending it as a document. However, those days are over. Now, you can easily achieve this by navigating to WhatsApp Settings, locating Storage and Data, and under Media Upload Quality, selecting "Best quality" for Photo Upload quality. This simple adjustment enables you to send your photos in the highest possible quality on WhatsApp without the need for the "send photo as document" workaround.

5. Dedicated video recording mode

In the past, capturing a video directly within WhatsApp required users to press and hold the shutter button in the camera section of the app. However, the introduction of a dedicated video recording mode has simplified this process. Now, there's a distinct button specifically for recording videos, making it even more straightforward.

6. Whatsapp Allow to share Voice status

We're all familiar with sending voice messages on WhatsApp. However, were you aware that you can now set voice messages as your status updates? It's a straightforward process. Just go to the 'Status' tab in WhatsApp and click on the 'pencil' icon at the bottom. On the subsequent screen, tap the 'microphone' icon and begin recording your voice message, with a maximum duration of 30 seconds.

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