How to Become an Amazon Affiliate Associate

 Join amazon affiliate and boost your income, You can make money with the Amazon Associates program by including links to Amazon products on your individual website. Amazon will pay you a commission for each time someone purchases the product by clicking on a link provided by you via the website or any other medium. Amazon is market leading Ecommerce Company and about 12 million items collectively, across all of its services and categories, are listed in platform

You can quickly apply to become an Amazon Associate by following a few simple steps.

1.Create a website or blog-  A website address is required when signing up for the Amazon Associates program. You must also be able to describe the fundamentals of your website. Create a blog that clearly defines the niche to target an audience. And explain what your website is about and what type of advertisement or affiliate link you intend to publish

     2.Visit Amazon website to sign up for the Amazon Affiliate program:- Please visit and log in to the page; if you already have an Amazon account, please log in and click on Become an Affiliate.

      3.Once you click the link, you will be redirected to the following page. Please click the signup button and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the registration process.

4. If you have an Amazon account, log in to fill out the form; otherwise, a new user can fill out the form and login to the source page.

5.Fill Account Information- You must first fill out the Account Information, which includes the Payee's name, address, and phone number. You enter the same name as in your bank account in Payee name. At the bottom of the Account Information, there will be an option to select No for US Tax Purpose. Amazon will reject your application if your website does not have at least 50% original content, so make sure to describe what unique information you are providing to readers. 

     6. Enter website URL- The URL of your website or YouTube channel must then be entered. You may enter up to 50 URL.

7.Complete the Profile Page- During this process, you will see some kind of profile interface. Enter      your Store Id, Mobile App List, and Website List. Furthermore, Amazon Associates must specify the      nature of your website or mobile app. And with that, you must choose the best topics for your website.   Following that, you must decide which Amazon products to sell.

8. Select a Payment Method- When filling out the form, it asks for the payment method. That form must be completed in order for the commission to be transferred to your account via the selected method. While updating payment and tax information, you will see two options: Now or Later, from which you can choose. This creates your Affiliate Account, which you will see on the dashboard.

    9.Performance Dashboard-  Once your account is created, you will be promoted to the homepage of your personal associates, where you will be able to view your performance dashboard. This includes a monthly summary, an earnings summary, total fees, and total clicks.

    10. How to Generate Affiliate Link:- To insert an Affiliate Link into your website, navigate to the search bar on your performance dashboard. There, you can choose the products that are right for you. After that, you must click on the get link for your chosen product. You will find the link in the form of an image there. You can paste the link into your website. Also, for the text link, you must first click on the populating product to obtain the link, which you must then shorten and publish on your website.

Conclusion:- I hope that this article on how to become an Amazon Affiliate Process was extremely beneficial to you. In this article, I have addressed every aspect of Amazon Affiliate that will be extremely beneficial to you. In this article, I discussed Amazon Affiliates how to join step by step, as well as other related topics. This step-by-step procedure is explained in detail from beginning to end for your convenience.


What percentage do Amazon affiliates get?

The Amazon Affiliate Commission varies according to product category. Amazon currently offers a high commission of up to 9%. and lower 0.2%

Is  Amazon affiliate is free for all


Does Amazon pay for clicks


Can I use Instagram as an Amazon affiliate?

Yes, Amazon affiliate links can be used on Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Pinterest, and other social media platform

Note- This article aims to provide updates and assistance to readers on how to enter the world of affiliate marketing, emphasizing that we do not endorse any specific website or affiliate program.  Thank you for joining us on this informative journey. Let's delve into the world of affiliate marketing together!

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