YouTube Shorts introduces six new features to enhance content creation.


Marketers can now take advantage of six additional features, such as the option to live stream with Shorts videos and improved editing tools.

YouTube Shorts has introduced a suite of fresh tools aimed at fostering and igniting content creation.

These six new features empower creators with an array of capabilities on the platform, including the capacity to live stream with Shorts, remix footage, incorporate video effects, and utilize stickers.

Furthermore, the social platform is currently experimenting with a novel mobile-first vertical live experience designed to enhance reach by featuring live creators prominently in the Shorts feed.

Why this matters: Brands can explore a wider range of creative possibilities with their content, potentially boosting engagement. The mobile-first vertical pilot may also assist brands in expanding their reach by sharing live videos within the Shorts feed. Enhanced reach and engagement, in practice, can lead to increased conversions and, consequently, a more favorable return on investment (ROI) for brands.

What's Update? YouTube Shorts has introduced six new features, including:

  • Collab – This latest addition enables creators to record a Short video alongside other YouTube or Short videos, with various layout options at their disposal.

  • Q&A stickers – Content creators can now employ this feature to pose questions to their audience. Viewers can then respond in the comments section, allowing creators to acknowledge and give a shoutout to those who provided answers, as their identities are visible.

  • Mobile-first vertical live – This innovative feature is designed to help live creators gain visibility within the Shorts feed, allowing them to connect with a fresh audience and foster communities in a more contemporary manner, as YouTube aims to achieve.

  • Creation suggestions – YouTube can now autonomously package the audio and effects from a Short you might be remixing. The platform can present the identical audio timestamp from the Short you recently viewed and propose the same effect as a creative recommendation. Content creators also retain the flexibility to mix and match as they see fit.

  • Shorts playlist – Creators now have the capability to save Shorts directly to playlists on YouTube.

  • Transform horizontal videos into Shorts – This upcoming feature is currently in the testing phase and will allow users to select a video for remixing, enabling them to adjust the layout, zoom, and crop to transform it into a Short.

What YouTube has stated: In an official blog post, YouTube announced these new tools, with a spokesperson remarking:

" We developed Shorts to provide creators an easy and pleasant method to produce and distribute little films on YouTube, and we're always improving the channels that let artists share their work effortlessly tap into their creative potential."

"Our extension of the YouTube Partner Programmed, which gives creators the chance to use material from YouTube's vast collection of billions of worldwide videos, as well as remixing tools that enable artists to do so"

"Currently, YouTube Shorts are being viewed by more than 2 billion logged-in users every month, and today, we are introducing new avenues to ignite imagination and artistic expression."

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