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 Now fingerprint lock can also be installed in Google Chrome, new update released, this is how to turn it on

Google Chrome's fingerprint lock feature has been released for Incognito Mode, which is a private mode. This feature is only for Android phone and tablet users. After this feature is turned on in the Google Chrome browser, the incognito mode will be locked as soon as you exit the app.

After this, the fingerprint sensor will have to be used to open the browser. This feature will work in the same way as the fingerprint lock feature of WhatsApp works. Let us tell you that the biometric lock feature was released for the first time in 2021 on iOS devices for Incognito mode.

Google has given information about this feature of Google Chrome through a blog. Google has said in its blog that users will have to use biometric lock to reopen the Incognito tab. In such a situation, now only the person who owns the phone can open the incognito mode of someone's phone.

This feature can be turned on by going to the settings of Google Chrome. After going to Settings, you will get the option of Enable Lock incognito Tab in Privacy and Security, which has to be enabled. After this feature is on, fingerprint, face ID, pattern or PIN will have to be used to unlock.

If you are also worried about the fact that someone can see the history of your phone's browser, then there is good news for you. Google has released a new security update for its Chrome browser. The fingerprint lock feature has now arrived in Google Chrome.

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